I Need my Liquid Energy

Coffee is a wonderful thing. When I get up in the morning, I can’t wait to brew up a cup and drink its caffeine-filled goodness. When I feel tired after working out or after a hard day at work, guess what? Yes, I down a cup of the brown stuff. In the evening, when I want to relax and read a magazine or watch TV, it’s always best accompanied by a nice big mug of my favorite drink.

My trusted coffee maker has seen me through years of ups and downs. I’ve used it to make coffee on countless occasions and for many purposes. To wake me up, to settle me down, to enjoy time with friends or just to fill in time… There’s never a bad time to whip up a brew.

So, imagine how upset I was to discover that my trusty old machine had finally given up the ghost. I came downstairs last Saturday morning, switched it on and… nothing. No reassuring whirring, no lovely smells of brewing coffee… nothing at all.

Now, I’m a modern woman, and I have a very busy life. So, what was I going to do without my coffee to get me through the day? I decided that there was nothing for it, I would just have to buy a new coffee maker as quickly as possible.

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I started doing some research since it’s been quite a few years since I bought my last machine and times have moved on. These days, coffee machines can do a lot more and are pretty impressive. Did I want something basic that would just get the job done quickly with no fuss, or did I want something that might be a pain to clean and tricky to use but which would give me an enormous range of hot beverages to choose from?

I looked into a bunch of different coffee machines to try to find the perfect one to suit my requirements. I wanted something that was easy to use and which wouldn’t break the bank, after all, I was on a budget, but also something that produced great coffee and fairly quickly.

In the end, I narrowed down my options to two different models, both of which had their own unique features and selling points that could make them the right choice to meet my needs:

Behmor Brazen Plus

Behmor Brazen Plus

I liked many of the features of the Behmor Brazen Plus. Firstly, since it has many ways in which the brewing process can be controlled I know I can enjoy a customized coffee making experience. I can adjust the presoaking time, the temperature of the water and I can even manually release into a different brewing vessel. Amazing! Secondly, this is a pretty style model and would look great on my worktops. However, there is a downside. The brewing cycle takes forever, and that means waiting for my caffeine fix. It also requires a larger amount of coffee. But on the upside, the beverage is of the highest quality.

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Bunn Velocity Brew BT

Bunn Velocity Brew BT

If style is my goal, the Bunn Velocity Brew BT is a perfect choice and is one of the best looking machines available today. As an added bonus, it’s really user-friendly with a simple interface and easy to grasp controls. It is also very speedy, producing coffee in a couple of minutes which is ideal for someone like me who doesn’t want to wait around for caffeine. It can also make up to 10 cups – perfect for when guests come around. On the negative side, however, it has plastic components which may break easily, and it required specialist filters which might cost a lot.

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I weighed up the advantages and disadvantages of both machines and decided that I would go with the Bunn coffee machine. The speed was the clincher that won me over. The sooner I get to drink my coffee in the morning, the happier I am, and the more friendly I’ll be! I’m sure that the rest of the family won’t be able to wait until my new machine arrives since I’ve been exceptionally grumpy the last few days without my favorite brew!