The Art of the Balance

Juggling life can be a challenge when you’re a busy mom. Trying to parent the kids, get your work done and keep making things work with your husband is never easy. However, over the years, I think I’ve got it all down to a fine art.

If like me, you want to have it all, I’m going to offer you some advice. So get a fresh, hot cup of coffee, sit down for a moment and relax, and read my top tips.

Know Your Goals

road signs

You need to identify not only your business goals but also the goals for your family life and your marriage too. You can’t achieve anything without knowing where you’re trying to head.


You need support from your loved ones to achieve your goals, and you can never have a successful career or family life without your spouse offering their help and support.

Blocks Of Time

Create a schedule for family and for work. Delineate some blocks of time in which you will spend time all together and other blocks when you will spend time as a couple. Having time for everyone is the key to happiness. You also need to discuss your schedule with your family so everyone knows and understands how things work.

Respect Work Time

Once you have decided on the blocks of time which will be spent with the family, the children need to know that when you’re working you can’t be interrupted.

No Business In Family Time

You need to respect family time just as much as your children respect your work time. Don’t touch your phone or laptop during the time you spend together. Boundaries are essential. In fact, family time should be for everyone, so make a rule that nobody messages, calls or emails during that time.

Be Really There

As well as physically being present, you need to be mentally and emotionally present too. Leave work behind and live in the moment. Don’t talk about work and focus on your family and their interests.

Have Dates

couple dating

In the same way that you need to spend quality time with your spouse, you need to spend quality time with each child one on one. Make sure you take time every week for each child. Of course, it goes without saying that you should also try to have at least one date per week with your spouse, away from the children and doing something outside the home where you can reconnect with each other once more.

The key to a successful balance in life is to even out the amount of time that you spend pursuing a career with the amount of time that you dedicate to your children and family. Giving enough time to each element of your life is key to a happy marriage and a successful career path. If you follow these tips, you are sure to find that you achieve that balance and that the juggling act doesn’t become too overwhelming.